It’s A Great Weekend for A Sundae Drive

There’s the typical Sunday drive and then there’s the colder, creamier version. You can take one without the other, but the Sundae drive will be much more appealing to your sweet tooth!

Sundae Drives in Carroll County Ohio

We taste-tested our way around Carroll County and surrounding locales. Our journey took us to some delightful dairy dreams, dairy bars and drive-ins. The result? An abundance of sweet decadence — and a list of great places to go for an ice cream sundae! Here they are, in no particular order:

Dairy Dream — Harlem Springs, Ohio

Harlem Springs Dairy Dream, Carroll County Ohio
The Dairy Dream is situated at the corner of Apollo Rd. and SR 43. The restaurant offers a full menu for both its indoor dining customers and pick-up window. We recommend the Chunky Monkey sundae, but let’s be honest: they’re all delicious! Follow the Dairy Dream on Facebook.

Taggart’s — Magnolia, Ohio

Taggart's in Magnolia, Ohio

Taggart’s serves ice cream in the historic Isaac Miller Inn. You will enjoy dining at the restaurant, but walk-in sundae orders are highly encouraged. The Brownie Sundae is a chocolate-lover’s dream. Vanilla ice cream is served with big, thick chunks of homemade brownie, and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Yum! Visit Taggart’s Magnolia on Facebook.

Atwood Dari Bar — Mineral City, Ohio

Atwood Dari Bar, Mineral City, Ohio
The Dari Bar is situated at the southwest end of Atwood Lake in Mineral City, Ohio. Hungry visitors will enjoy a full menu, and outdoor dining is available. We recommend the Mexican sundae. It’s brimming with Spanish peanuts, rich chocolate sauce and whipped cream. It comes with a cherry on top, but our taste-testers were eager to enjoy! Visit the Atwood Dari Bar on Facebook.

Dairy Queen— locations in Carrollton, Minerva and Malvern, Ohio

Dairy Queen locations in Carrollton, Minerva and Malvern, Ohio
The local Dairy Queens offer a variety of sundae options (and a whole lot more). This caramel sundae with pecans is definitely a sweet treat, and it’s oh, so tasty! Visit the Carrollton Dairy Queen on Facebook.

Dellroy Drive-In — Dellroy, Ohio

The Elvis Sundae at the Dellroy Drive-in, Carrollton, Ohio
Elvis has entered the building! When you visit the Dellroy Drive-In for a sundae, milkshake, cone or your dinner, be sure to order an Elvis sundae. This decadent work of art is a cupful of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, creamy peanut butter, freshly sliced bananas, and peanuts, then topped with whipped cream. Kids will love the color-changing spoons. (And P.S. the cheeseburgers and fresh-cut fries are equally delicious!) Visit the Dellroy Drive-In on Facebook.

For a list of other dining options, recreational activities and upcoming events in the Carroll County area, visit The summer is bright and there’s great fun (and flavor!) to be found. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!


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  1. Tobias Armstrong

    I had no idea they made color-changing spoons! I totally agree that kids would love it. Heck, I’d love color-changing spoons. I wonder if you’d be able to find them sold somewhere by themselves? I may have to do some more research and find out. Thanks for sharing!


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